Creating personal touches, embellishments that exemplify the look and feel you imagined


Make your ceremony memorable through embellishments that express your individuality


Add the embellishments that make your ordinary invitations extraordinary


From the moment your hand-addressed envelope arrives in the mail, your guests will immediately understand the distinctive style of your event.  Whether classically elegant or modern and fun, the font can be tailored to reflect your personal preferences.  Hand-addressed envelopes not only convey the importance of your guests' attendance, they provide a sneak peek to what lies ahead at your event.

 When it comes to putting pen to paper, we can create stationery that adds zest to your words.

From start to finish, we create the embellishments that make your reception uniquely you


Invitations are one of the most essential parts of planning any event, providing guests with a glimpse into your special day.  Whether planning a formal black tie affair or a casual backyard soiree, your invitations should create excitement and anticipation.  Guests should be able to visualize what's to come.

Set the tone for your event by sending hand-addressed envelopes


When you have an important event, styling is vital to the success of making your dream a reality - the possibilities are endless.  The right motif coupled with an attention to detail will create an affair that is both memorable and truly extraordinary.  Through the use of various elements - contemporary or classic, whimsical or chic - your vision will be transformed.

Although guests may be receiving several invitations throughout the year, your invitation will be distinctive, an expression of your style and theme.  M bellished Events will create or custom tailor your invitation suite to create a more personalized invitation, making it apparent to your guests that you put time and though into planning.

 Let us create your reception d├ęcor: hand-addressed escort or place cards, table numbers, menu cards or any other "must haves" that work to set the mood for your special event.  It is through these details and extra touches that guests gain an understanding of your personal style and vision. 

At M bellished Events, we understand the importance of creating an ambiance that showcases the true sense and feel of your event.  It is the styling and our attention to detail that will make your event chic, distinctive and elegant.

From custom programs, pew bows, and unity candles, we will handcraft ceremony essentials that meet your specific needs.  Every ceremony is personal, an expression of your love for each other, solemn or fun and quirky, we will create ceremony essentials that reflect the theme and style of your event.